Research Consulting

Knowledge Pen

Linco Global’s research consulting business has been carried out under the trading name Knowledge Pen. Knowledge Pen started in January 2011 in London, United Kingdom. It began to offer editing, proofreading and translation services to graduate students and researchers in the UK. In 2011, Knowledge Pen launched its website  Also, during that year, research consulting services were added to the company’s activities. This was mainly influenced by the understanding that our clients often required a more structured guidance, discipline and assistance in completing their research projects – something that simple editing could not provide.

Since 2011, research consulting has become the core activity of the company. In 2012-2013, we conducted a series of research methodology lectures and seminars for international students studying in UK universities. These seminars covered every aspect of undertaking a research project and writing a research paper. Research methods and research methodology were the primary focus of these lectures and seminars. That is because research methodology provides a framework for any type of research. Also, identifying research methods appropriate for one’s research project is crucial for conducting a meaningful and valid research.

Jisik Pen South KoreaIn February 2014, Knowledge Pen opened its branch in Seoul, South Korea, under the name Jisik Pen. ‘Jisik’ is translated as ‘knowledge’ from Korean.  South Korean clients can visit our new office located at the following address:  8th Floor Beopmusahye-guan, 651 Nonheyon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-824.