About Us

About Us

Linco Global Ltd
was established in January 2010 in London. The company started its business by offering translation and editing services to clients in the UK and South Korea. In 2011, the company began to offer consulting services with a strong focus on research design and methodology. We also continued to offer high quality translation services and worked on the projects ranging from literary translation to verification of translation for medical research purposes. In 2012-2013 we signed our first publishing contracts.  Also, the company participated in London Book Fairs and Frankfurt Book Fair. 

At present, Linco Global Ltd is involved in several business activities - translation, editing, consulting and publishing. Knowledge Pen is our consulting venture. Knowledge Pen offers research consulting and critique services to its clients. It also offers research translation, translation verification and editing services to individuals and research institutions in the UK and South Korea. In South Korea, the business operates under the name Jisik Pen. 'Jisik' means 'knowledge' in Korean.

Ginger Books is Linco's children’s publishing venture that started in 2013.  It is dedicated to translating and publishing children’s books from around the world in English. Ginger Books has worked in close cooperation with an established South Korean publisher – Yeowon Media Co., Ltd. to publish its first titles, which were translated from Korean. Currently, Ginger Books has published ten children’s titles. Our most recent book is called It's Pancake Time! All the books are available for sale in the UK and some of them are also available for sale internationally.

Linco Press is Linco's publishing imprint that is dedicated to publishing translated literature for the adult audience. It focuses on bringing works by Korean authors to English speaking readers.  Its most recent project is completing translation and editing of History of Commerce, by Joh Myung Gye. Linco Press aims to publish works by both established and new Korean authors. Its core belief is that translated literature offers a refreshingly different and new perspective, deepening our understanding of the world.

Linco Global Ltd is always on the lookout for new business contacts and opportunities. We would love to hear from you, if you have an interesting business proposition or would like to join our team. Please write to us on info@lincoglobal.com.

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Company Established

January 2010

The company first started to operate under the name Hanul Ltd in London, UK.